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Reserving Your Puppy

Thanks for your interest! Please know I do not take deposits for puppies before they’re born. I will however take your name and put it on a waiting list. This doesn’t secure your puppy until you put a deposit down.

  • Contact me by email at or by phone at 410-322-6500

  • I do not take deposits before the puppies are born., I will however call you when one of our girls is pregnant and again after she gives birth.

  • Once puppies are 1 weeks old and have had their first health check by our vet, reservations are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis and are secured by your non-refundable deposit of $500. I will accept a check, credit card either in  person or over the phone, Zelle and of course cash.  I will begin accepting deposits 2 weeks after puppies are born, or after the first health check-up, whichever comes first.  If you would like I will take your name and number and contact you when the puppies are born. I also require a vet’s name and number that you’ve used in the past as a recommendation please.

  • When you leave a deposit, you’re encouraged to visit as often as you like (please call me to schedule your visit-time). By visiting, you’ll get to know each of the fur babies in the litter.

  • Once pups are 5 weeks of age, you pick your Red Maple Golden Retriever puppy in the order your deposit was received. For example, if you place the first deposit on a male puppy, you would be the first to select a baby boy from the litter. Second deposit selects the second pick… and so on and so forth.  Your puppy will be identified by the colored collar its wearing. The balance is due at the time you pick your puppy up. I will except a cashier’s check, credit card, Zelle, PayPal and of course cash.

  • When picking your puppy If you need my perspective or input, I’ll gladly chime in.

By Maryland law, puppies can not leave our home until they turn 8 weeks of age.

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