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Our Mission

It is my breeding objective to produce intelligent, calm, and healthy Golden Retrievers - dogs that are easy for you to train and great to have as companions. This is how the breed is supposed to be! To accomplish this, I breed only healthy and obedient adult Golden Retrievers. Both Mom and Dad have their OFA certifications and their SAS clearances. Original documents are here for you to view for sire and dame. Copies will be provided when you purchase a puppy from Red Maple Golden Retrievers.

At Red Maple Golden Retrievers, I will never in-breed or line-breed my dogs! I believe this technique weakens dogs mentally and has led to most of the health problems associated with Golden's today. A Golden Retriever puppy from Red Maple Golden Retrievers grows to be a dog that is smart, loaded with personality, and calm. It's generally accepted that Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl. They have a high-developed scenting ability and possess great intelligence and an eagerness to please which makes them easy to train. If you're looking for a beautiful, healthy, intelligent companion as a forever family member, you've come to the right place!

I am a "Preservation Breeder", which means that I breed a specific blood line that will preserve the breed. I am dedicated to bringing purpose bred pedigree Golden Retrievers  into the world. My emphasis is producing healthy Goldens with predictable characteristics including excellent intellect and disposition. Every dog deserves a good and loving home. We want to help them achieve happiness and long term health, thereby giving them the best chance to have a great life!

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